Zopim alternative (review and comparision)

What is a suitable alternative for ZOPIM chat?

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Lime Talk, like Zopim, is a simple-to-use, user-friendly chat application for your website. In many aspects, these two apps are very similar (well, they are both online chat applications for websites). However, there are certain differences. Let’s have a look at them.

For Lime Talk, the priorities are functionality, simplicity and affordable price. Those are key aspects that differentiate Lime Talk from its competitors. The range of available options and functions in Lime Talk is expanding, but the app designers keep them arranged in a way to keep the app very easy to use and understandable for first-time users.

In the user-friendly interface of Lime Talk, you can find functions that will help you get the job done and make your business more efficient, including operator-initiated chat, predefined shortcut messages and operator inactivity detector.

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With the Zopim alternative, Lime Talk, you have the ability to change the color of the chat to match the colors of your website in the basic version. Do you wish to change text in the chat or hide the Lime Talk logo? Lime Talk is ready for this as well.

What differentiates Lime Talk from Zopim chat (or other solutions on the market) is low price. Lime Talk is one of the cheapest services on the market for only $6 USD per month. Compared to Zopim, that is less than half the price. With Lime Talk’s basic version, you also get an unlimited amount of automatically triggered messages. That helps you to work with your visitors.

Lime Talk is a top-quality and affordable alternative to Zopim. Just register for Lime Talk and get 15-day trial for free. Are you still undecided? Just try it out and bring your customers something extra.