Which Live Chat to choose for your online shop?

With the online shop boom in recent years, there has also been a growth of expectation from communication between the seller and the buyer, i.e. the web visitors. The traditional model of e-mail correspondence or a contact form is gradually being surpassed by the so called Live Support Chat which enables sellers to chat with their customers in real time and thus brings a potential increase in sales.

Recently, the offer of Life Support Chat products has grown both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Therefore we have decided to map the situation in the market and choose the best product for you.

What exactly is Live Support Chat?

Live Support chat is a type of software enabling the web owners to receive messages from the visitors of the website, and at the same time, immediately to reply to their questions. The system is used as a means of a direct contact with the online shop customers, both in reaction to the customers’ incentives, and proactively, i.e. by directly addressing a customer. As a result, the website becomes more interactive, and in case of commercial projects, more profitable as well.

The applications use modern technologies thanks to which they work directly within the browser. Unlike its predecessors, this type of communication software does not need to be installed by the web owners; you only have to insert a short html code to your webpage and immediately after that, you can freely communicate with the visitors on your website. Of course, the visitor does not need to install any program either.

What should we focus on when choosing a Live Support Chat?

  • interface and visual aspects
  • service reliability
  • price

Product comparison

The following overview brings a comparison of the most significant providers in the market. In conclusion, there is a comparison chart.

Lime Talk (www.limetalk.com)

A professional product.

Lime Talk Logo            EN - widget min online


  • nice and easy interface
  • free 15-days trial of the full version
  • the cheapest option among the professional providers, you pay only for active agents
  • full customization of the chat window
  • website and full information in Czech language, Czech support
  • very fast e-mail support
  • support and connection to Jabber (Google Talk)


  • no application for smartphones yet (however, it is possible to use the connection to Google Talk and then chat with the customers via smartphone)

Zopim (www.zopim.com)

One of the first providers of Life Support Chat.


  • very complex functions for the demanding customers (e.g. optional banning of customers, following the customer’s browsing history, automatic translation)
  • native mobile application that can be used on smartphones and other devices


  • Lite version is significantly limited (only 1 agent and 1 concurrent chat, conversation history is saved only for 14 days, interface not customizable and thus not so good-looking on the web)
  • very expensive paid version
  • only 14-day free trial of the full version

Olark (www.olark.com)

Another important provider in the market. It has a friendly image with a motto “trust, loyalty & happiness”.


  • customizable
  • a wider offer of paid version compared to other providers (only Lime Talk offers even wider variety of products as it charges for each user)
  • mobile device support


  • free plan is very limited (1 agent, only 20 chats per month)
  • varied interface and information on display can be chaotic
  • paid versions are rather expensive

WebsiteAlive (www.websitealive.com)

Life Support Chat recognized by the experts. Among others, US Government is its customer.


  • AliveDial service – the customer leaves their phone number and the agent can contact them via phone later
  • mobile device version


  • no free plan
  • only 10-day free trial of the full version
  • paid versions rank among the more expensive in the market

LiveChat (www.livechatinc.com)

Among others, LiveChat is the provider for Adobe. It also ranks among the larger providers of Live Support Chat.


  • easy customer transfer among agents
  • interface for cell phones and other devices


  • no free plan (only a free 30-day trial)
  • the basic version is very expensive

ClickDesk (www.clickdesk.com)

Software offering a combination of chat, call and social networking.


  • easy linking between chat and call function
  • mobile device support (only for the paid version)
  • comparatively cheap paid versions


  • free version offers only 30 chats per month
  • customization of the free version is very limited
number of paid versions the lowest price of the paid version (monthly) functions of the cheapest paid version
Lime Talk payment per user (the most flexible solution) $ 6 (plus 30 % discount for an advance payment)
  • unlimited chat
  • 1 agent
  • full widget customization
Zopim 2 $ 11.20
  • two departments for chat
Olark 4 $ 15
  • 1 agent
WebsiteAlive 3 $ 29.95
  • 2 agents (optional purchase of another agent for $ 9.95 each)
  • full customization
LiveChat 3 $ 36
  • 1 agent
ClickDesk 2 $ 12.99 (discount for an advance payment)
  • 5 agents
  • unlimited number of concurrent chats


With its price policy, the clear winner is Lime Talk. It also offers interesting service for an even more interesting price. The more demanding clients who do not mind paying more can choose Zopim or Olark. Other Live Chat Support Providers do not offer much more, but each of them could be interesting for a specific client.