Lime Talk – review

What is online support chat good for?

Today, the internet is cluttered with a wide supply of e-shops, which gives the customer the possibility to choose from a variety of options where to buy the desired product. The final decision about the purchase can be thus influenced by seemingly trivial details – for instance a quick reply to a question about the shipping cost abroad, whether the realty in question has a separate bedroom for the mother-in law, etc. It is therefore crucial for the communication with the shop to be fast and easy.

If the web uses online support chat, the customer can always see whether there is anyone online on the other side and whether they can thus expect an immediate response to their inquiries. They do not have to search for any contact on the website, nor open their e-mail account and wait hours for a reply.

What is Lime Talk?

Lime TalkLime Talk is one of the prominent providers of the online support chat for websites: it is a service enabling an online communication between the owner of the e-shop and its visitors. Lime Talk can be embedded in any website.

It not only enables the visitor to contact the e-shop owner but it works also the other way around – the e-shop owner him/herself can address their visitors. The owner can actively address anyone who is currently browsing their website. Moreover, they can see at which site the customer is looking at at the moment, which gives them a perfect marketing tool that can multiply the success of the website.

How can you get Lime Talk?

We have tried the installation of the product and we must confirm that it is really easy. To have Lime Talk on you website, you don’t need to download or install anything. The only thing necessary is to register on and then insert a short HTML code, generated by Lime Talk, into a specific place in the source code. The chat is then immediately ready to work.

How does the communication work?

On one side, there is the e-shop owner who is logged in the user’s interface on – the so called “client zone”. On the other side, of course, there is the visitor. While looking at the website, the visitor can see a small chat window (the so called “widget”) in the bottom corner.

EN - widget max online

visitor - en

To start communication is very easy for both sides. If the operator is online, the visitor starts the conversation by one click. If the operator is offline, the visitor can leave a message and their e-mail address so the operator can respond as soon as they are online. It is equally easy for the operator. After logging in the “client zone” – i.e. the operator’s interface – they can see the overview of all visitors that are online. The operator can then choose any one of them and address him/her by one click.

User’s interface for the e-shop owner

The user’s interface for operators is called the “client zone” in Lime Talk. The interface is really pleasant and easy.


There is an overview of all online visitors of the web, and moreover, there is a list of logged in colleagues – operators. Every visitor shows a couple of interesting details: which website they visited before they come to our website, the specific website they are looking at now, how much time they have spent on it, the country and the city they are now, etc.

In the client zone, there is also an overview of unread messages, conversation history, statistics of using the chat and other clever options and tools. Among the tools we can mention canned responses, “writing” status, operator inactivity detector (if the operator does not react within a pre-defined amount of time, Lime Talk automatically sends the visitor a message and asks him to leave his e-mail address so that the operator can contact him later), or automatic triggers (you can define situations in which Lime Talk should contact the visitor, so that the active addressing of the visitors can be taken care of by Lime Talk itself).

Lime Talk is fully customizable: you can customize all the texts and choose the color of the chat window so that it fits in the website design. It is possible to turn off the chat window in case no operator is online, you can set sound and e-mail notifications etc.

Lime Talk also provides team support – more operators can share communication with one visitor.

Lime Talk cost

The cost of Lime Talk is very agreeable: in comparison with its competitors, Lime Talk ranks among the least expensive. You pay only for the operators you actually use and you can get quantity discounts or try a 15-day free trial (but full) version. Another advantage is also the fact that even the cheapest version provides the user with all functions.


Lime Talk is new to the market, nevertheless, it has found its place among the more experienced competition. Its main advantages are low price and very friendly user’s interface. The software uses both English and Czech, the use is easy but not at the cost of quality or functions of the product. Lime Talk is an ideal solution for internet shops that want to enhance their conversion easily ad effortlessly.